Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Artist review: Dinner With Cannibals

Dinner With Cannibals -- Sweetlord [LP]
By Michael Davis

Haunting, sweet, serious musical themes that are engineered with precision break loose into uninhibited atom splitting energy on the Sweetlord album. The Dinner with Cannibals sound amazes me in the same ways that seeing a survivor emerge from a fiery, metal-crushing auto disaster.

Tracks of particular interest are “Eventually You’ll Blink,” where the song opens with an Emerson, Lake and Palmer-like beauty and mystery and then detonates into a blast of metallic experimentation.

But listen closely. It’s not pure chaos.

Track 7, “Let’s Play Football!” is a syncopated tragedy -- in a good way.

The closing track, “Keepsakes of Addition,” has brilliance written all over it. Opening up with a Euro CafĂ© sort of feel, this premise continues to lie dormant beneath the entirety of the remaining turmoil.

Throughout the entire album the lyrics, like any good poetry, do not attempt to explain, but instead only paint the images.

I have to stop listening to this recording. I am frightened I might begin to comprehend the intellect behind this sound.

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